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"I received a job offer from a company that did not even have a job opening. I was able to create my own job, doing what I do best."

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Are you presenting your history or are you selling your capabilities? The traditional chronological or "obituary" resume sometimes suffers from "last-job-itis". If you're simply selling a list of the tasks you’ve performed at your last job, well then that had better be what you're trying to do next because it sure is the product your reader sees! This "last-job-it is" leads to limited opportunity in a career, because it encourages lateral moves instead of growth positions that better utilize your potential.

We’ll evaluate and design the best resume, executive biography, or professional curricula vitae for your needs!

We’ll evaluate your skills and abilities. Are you an excellent leader of people, with a highly defined managerial style? Are you a motivated and self-starting salesperson? Are you a talented project manager who enjoys independently taking a project from conception to implementation? Are you a highly developed and educated engineer, with keen mechanical aptitude? Are you an innovative problem solver? Do you like to research and document? Are you a dynamic presenter, teacher, and trainer?

What positions have you held that have given you pertinent experience? How many people have you managed, and at what levels? Just what have you done?!

A strong resume must be truthful and ethical, obviously. From that starting point, we’ll factor the information needs and preferences of your readers. Then we’ll balance your document to put your best attributes in that reader's mind. Don't forget good housekeeping! A tidy legible presentation is much more important than dramatic paper and fonts.

Your reader must take away a strong image of the contribution you'll make to your new organization. That will lead to a rewarding opportunity to make a difference! This career evaluation will also solidify your abilities and skills in your own mind, and probably help you negotiate for yourself with more confidence!

Contact us for a careful assessment of your resume needs, and the creation of a winning document! We’ll invite you to our offices, so that we can correctly evaluate the best solution for you, and then give you a firm proposal for the work, with a plan for completion and delivery.


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