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March 2012
Not Really Networking
by Susan Reynolds

That's Not Networking!

There's a distinct difference between genuinely networking and simply approaching people asking for a job. Many job searchers are only doing the later, and finding distinct frustration as a result.

Strong networking skills take careful advance consideration and planning. You must carefully evaluate just exactly what you think you can do. You must analyze your target market, and be ready to explain just exactly what kind of company and scenario would be the best place to seek an introduction.

Do you have a series of conversation points considered? Are you prepared to explain the type of impact you've been capable of making at your prior positions? A strong networking banter is filled with a back and forth of questions and comments, hopefully intriguing and stimulating to both parties. You should be able to ask questions and then rejoin with interesting stories of how you've handled situations and challenges, which perhaps could be valuable in a new scenario.

You should absolutely be prepared to talk about your qualifications, but do it by enjoying an exchange of understanding the background and experiences of the individual with whom you're conversing. In other words, don't just prattle on and on in a conceited manner "all about you"! Ask about them, their career, and their hopes for the future. You can courteously interject comments about yourself, hopefully that impress them with the kind of contribution you can make. Then they will happily refer you to colleagues for opportunity! And THAT'S networking!

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at NewMarket Careers in Santa Clarita, a job search, career strategy, and resume-writing firm geared toward managerial, executive, and senior level professional careers. She can be reached at or 661-755-3308.

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