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November 2011
Job Search: Go for It NOW!
by Susan Reynolds

Myth: Itís the holiday seasonÖ no one will be hiring now, so itís time to take a break from the hassle and frustration of job search to enjoy relaxation and celebration with just the family.

Reality: Itís the holiday seasonÖ what a great time to get in the door to the contacts that are needed for effective job search!

NOW is the time to increase your job search and career building to its most active pitch! Letís consider some of the possible factors that make it ever so possible and probable that youíll be successful in this last quarter of the year.

For one thing, this is the season that will find organizational executives and managers in their offices as opposed to out on the road. Travel lightens for many leaders, and they are able to attend to the home office conversations for which they otherwise would not be available. Perhaps that home office conversation could be about you, your career, and your ability to contribute to their organizational needs!

Additionally, itís budget time! Organizations which have not been able to take that final step in budgeting and funding a position (yours?) are ready for the new dynamics of first quarter business activity. Many of those hiring and expansion decisions can and are being made NOW. So get in the door and make your case! Be the solution to their needs and help them take their organization into the New Year.

So no, the holiday season is not the time for job search slumber. Itís the time for proactive diligence and intense connecting. Your career will thank you for it!

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at NewMarket Careers in Santa Clarita, a job search, career strategy, and resume-writing firm geared toward managerial, executive, and senior level professional careers. She can be reached at or 661-755-3308.

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