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February 2010
People Are Getting Great Jobs
by Susan Reynolds

Could it possibly be that better times are around the corner?  It is springtime, and more of my little birdies are flying the nest.  But these are managers and executives who have fought hardest for their opportunities.

How to join them?  Have well-founded research on companies / organizations / industries that utilize the skills you can offer.  So many professionals just comb through the on-line job boards, wishing franticly for the divine posting that just might be for them.  You’ve got to be more targeted, more proactive.  Don’t be victim to job-search-by-accident.

Be able to clearly and passionately explain your abilities and where they fit your target markets.  So many professional are not articulate in presenting their skills concisely but comprehensively!  Do you know where your targets are?  Do you know how to make contact with them?  Why would they need you?

Be ready with a wide variety of materials to communicate your skills.  There are only two rules in resumes, as far as I believe:  that they are honest, and that they work.  That last bit provides a lot of room for honing a great message.

You must be prepared to be creative, flexible, intuitive, and proactive.  You must recognize emergent trends and possibilities.  (Or someone else will, and faster.)  So many professionals cannot see beyond job postings (or lack thereof.)  You must convert clever ideas and early connections into great career opportunities.  Come on, it’s time to push the economy forward!

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at Newmarket Careers in Santa Clarita, a job search and career strategy firm geared toward managerial, executive, and senior level professional careers.  She can be reached at or

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