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January 2006
What Job Searchers Can Learn from Olympic Athletes…
by Susan Reynolds

Since so many of us watch the Olympics with rabid enthusiasm, how about taking the opportunity to step up our OWN job search game! Almost every element of preparing and executing your job search is parallel to the challenges and demands of pushing to the top of an Olympic podium. These people fight hard, compete against the world's best, use every resource they can find, and push themselves to the top. When you're searching for a new career opportunity, think of these points:

  • Plan: Put your job search strategy together to qualify for the best of the best. Evaluate your skills and abilities.
  • Use Will Power: Bring tenacity and determination to getting in the right doors and finding the best opportunities.
  • Get Up: If you suffer a disappointment, get back out there and go at it again.
  • Measure Up: Use competition against others to measure your own skills and abilities objectively. Expect other employment candidates to be excellent, and push yourself past them.
  • Get Support: No one does this alone with best results. Olympic athletes have many coaches and advisors to help them along the way. Find and use the resources and support you need, from family, friends, peers, and professionals in the career industry. Grow with a great mentor.
  • Go for the Gold: Negotiate like you know what you're worth. Know you can bring a strong contribution to your new employer. Make sure they understand the value you'll provide.

If you plan your career move using these tips, you'll see positive results in a timely manner, perhaps right in your wallet!

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at Newmarket Careers in Santa Clarita, a job search and career strategy firm geared toward managerial, executive, and senior level professional careers. She can be reached at  or 661-755-3308.

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