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October 2013
Social Media for Job Search Effectiveness
by Susan Reynolds

Careful, careful! But do, do, do! That’s the swing of the pendulum for effectively using social media to promote your career.

Yes, I know that use of social media spans everything from insightful business topics and support of important non-profit activities... all the way to incendiary political commentary and photos of people's cappuccino, and other "inappropriateness". Very frustrating.

Thus I sit with many professionals who are rightfully frightened to violate their privacy and that of their families by participating in the "vast wasteland". But social media is a marketing tool, and a very strong and inexpensive one at that!

First tip: You're going to really think through just exactly what you're marketing. If you're running a business, then you're going to write your LinkedIn® profile and Facebook® page/wall to support the key goals of that business, and then add more individual color to it along the way. Look at your career as your "business" and write your profiles accordingly. Make sure you've listed your capabilities and key market areas. Then make sure your career history, activities and affiliations support those goals. And don't forget that your posts can all be linked to each other for efficiency!

Secondly, "watch your tongue", as my grandmother loved to say. While it might be tempting to join your contacts in the latest political or raucous commentary... don't. Speaking of grandmothers, a good rule is to post only what would not embarrass or concern her! I've found that "personal" posts of a general interest variety are actually VERY effective for networking. So that leaves plenty of opportunity for you to share industry advice, business tips and other postings that will enhance your professional credibility! So go for it... carefully.

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at NewMarket Careers in Santa Clarita, a job search, career strategy, and resume-writing firm geared toward managerial, executive, and senior level professional careers. She can be reached at or 661-755-3308.

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