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Southern California Job Market Today

Todayís job market is more competitive and more difficult than ever to navigate. It is also becoming more challenging to manage a successful job search.

The economy and world events have negatively impacted the job search. The globalization of our economy and the outsourcing of jobs since the late 1990's have hindered the way job seekers view their value and marketability. People are left reacting to the few published jobs that exist, often times competing with hundreds of other applicants for the same position.

In recent surveys conducted on how individuals are finding new jobs, a few statistics stand out. Only 2% find a job with the help of recruiters, placement firms or employment agencies. This is less than ever before due mostly to the Internet. Only 8% find a job from an Internet posting or listing on websites, job boards, etc.

Mid-level and senior-level managers, other professionals or those with technical careers, can only be successful by conducting a well planned proactive job search. Getting to the right decision-makers who can value your skills, education and experience is the key to success today.

A fact today, as it has been for decades, is that most of the best jobs are not easy to uncover, especially at the higher income ranges. A successful job search today hinges on quality ďreal time business intelligence, knowing your value, being able to sell it well, and getting to decision makers who need your added value to their business. This is often difficult to accomplish on your own.

Job security in todayís world no longer depends on the employer. Job security depends on the job hunterís ability to constantly promote his/her value to an employer.

Professionals with the best career growth may not always be the best educated, the most intelligent, or even the most competent. They were able to sell and/or promote their value to the company better than others.

Many people failed to get promoted or found themselves laid off, not because they did not do a good job, but because management was not as aware of their value or contributions as they should have been. Who is to blame? It is necessary for you to compete, proactively for real career growth.

More than ever, even if your job looks secure today, you should have a current career plan in place and be looking forward to your next opportunity.

The good news is that there has been significant job growth in our economy at the same time these negative dynamics have occurred. The changing economy has created many emerging businesses and technologies. In the last ten years, and even at a faster rate now, small businesses have generated millions of new jobs. Too often job seekers overlook this fact when attempting to find new opportunities.

As our economy adjusts to all these changes, anyone engaged in a career change or search for a better job often needs help to understand how to effectively navigate through the rapidly changing economy and job markets. In the future, these changes will come faster not slower and re-careering is going to be commonplace. No matter how comfortable your job may now seem, itís not if you will be affected, itís when. You need to be prepared for these changes.

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